Missing Pakistan today.

3 days ago

WW I memorial. Completed, ironically enough, in 1939.
#tb #Zagreb (at Mirogoj Cemetery)

1 week ago

میں غور کر رہا ہوں رموز حیات پر

اس وقت اک چھلکتا ہوا جام چاہئے

ساقی مجھے شراب کی تہمت نہیں پسند

مجھ کو تیری نگاە کا الزام چاہیے

Mein ghour kar raha hoo’n ramooz-e-hayaat par

Is waqt ik chalakta hua jaam chahiyay

Saqi mujhey sharaab ki tohmat nahi pasand

Mujh ko teri nigah ka ilzaa, chahiyay

I am contemplating the meaning of life, in a state of trance;

Serve me a drink, on whose surface, lights glimmer and dance;

Beloved, I resent the insulting allegation of intoxication,

What I crave, is the accusation in your glance.

2 weeks ago

Spending some time with my baby frogs because I can’t sleep.

3 weeks ago

One of the largest and most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. (at Mirogoj Cemetery)

3 weeks ago

A place where people share their relics of destructive love and the memories behind them. (at Museum of Broken Relationships)

3 weeks ago

Where travelers, tourists and locals alike lock love on a fence among the trees atop a hill in a quaint neighbourhood of a distant city. (at Strossmayerovo šetalište Zagreb)

3 weeks ago

Zagreb Botanical Gardens. One of the most amazing places in the city. (at Botanički vrt Prirodoslovno-matematičkog fakulteta)

3 weeks ago

Grand Cathedral #Zagreb #Croatia (at Zagrebačka katedrala)

3 weeks ago 6 notes

And it’s raining in Zagreb! #EUDC14 (at Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu)

4 weeks ago

View from our room. #EUDC14 #Zagreb (at Hotel Panorama Zagreb)

4 weeks ago 1 note

One by one,
With a heavy heart
We all depart. (at Karachi | کراچی , Pakistan)

1 month ago 1 note

Because it’s August 14 and frogs are green, and apparently it’s baby frogs season.
Also, do you remember Rana Tigrina from 10th grade biology?

1 month ago

Have you ever fed a tortoise? 🐢

1 month ago

Ice cream doesn’t even come close to this. (at Dhoraji Gola)

1 month ago